A New Breed of Neural Hardware


Animus is pioneering the next-generation of precision neural stimulators and electronics to interface with the brain.


The Next Frontier in Neuroscience

Brain stimulation technology shouldn't be invasive and obtrusive — it should be discretely built into fundamental parts of our lives. However, current approaches to accomplishing this are limited by a set of unique barriers that prevent widespread application.

At Animus, we're leveraging neuroscience, nanotechnology, and machine learning to pioneer the next-generation of neural stimulation hardware capable of breaking these barriers and democratizing brain stimulation for widespread application.


Built for Precision.
Designed for Scale.

Our technology is the synthesis of several decades of breakthroughs and innovations across neuroengineering, nano-fabrication, and computation
— which we have meticulously cultivated to design the world’s first commercially available non-invasive, neural stimulation chip.

Our unique design approach allows us to leverage the same manufacturing as computer chips. Ultra-precise, low-cost neural stimulation hardware available at scale.

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Different Backgrounds.

Same Vision.

Our team comes from diverse backgrounds spanning neuroscience, micro-electronics, nanotechnology, and machine learning. Brought together by a vision of building technology that will revolutionize our ability to interact with the human brain.

We are actively looking for ambitious scientists, engineers, and designers who possess exceptional ability and exhibit a track record of pioneering groundbreaking technology. If you fit this criteria, we want to hear from you.